Counterweight pres. Truss and Opal

Counterweight pres. Truss and Opal
Freitag | 16. März 2018 | 23:00 Uhr

Counterweight pres.

Truss [Perc Trax, R&S | London]
Opål [Voxnox Records, Thrust Agency | Berlin]
Gonzo MDF [Counterweight | Munich]
Marco H [Counterweight | Munich]

Lights and visuals by Artaxerxes

Yes… finally.. we have him, it’s TRUSS!!
Tom Russell aka Truss – is a prolific British producer, remixer, collaborator and DJ. While resolutely pushing towards new and futuristic structures, his sound takes influence from the UK’s hardcore and rave scenes, melded with a reverence for past innovators like Neil Landstrumm, Cristian Vogel and Surgeon.
A DJ set from Truss encompasses all the sounds, genres and approaches that have informed him; spitting out techno, industrial, EBM, italo, acid house, as well as the fruits of his numerous projects into a snarling mess of limbs, bodies and noise.
Multitudes of solo production alias’ and collaborative projects – from the disco influenced Blacknecks (w/Bleaching Agent) to full on rave tearout with Perc – have seen him use techno as a starting point for explorations into all areas of electronic music. His MPIA3 alias, killed off at the height of its success, lives on in his current productions through the bare-bones club power it had summoned up. The wider musical world has also been drawn to Russell’s sound, which has resulted in remix commissions for bands such as Liars and Depeche Mode.

Besides the UK legend we have the rising DJ/Producer Opal coming from Berlin.
Opal’s own sounds range from deep and atmospheric, accompanied by low and dark synth lines, to more energetic contemporary Techno. He understands the vibe of the crowd and the party and carefully selects very old techno gems or contemporary high energy techno.
Opal brings many different facets of modern electronic music to the table and underlines, that he doesn’t only understand heavy industrial high energy techno which we hear in his Dj-Sets at the clubs of Berlin and other European cities, but also the more sophisticated and subtle aspects of classic and hypnotic and drone techno music.
Relying on both analog and digital equipment for production, his releases remain very recognizable yet are very unique from one another.

The Counterweight founders, Gonzo MDF and Marco H, will take care of the Warm Up and Closing which means, you should come at 23:00 and you won’t be able to go home before 9:00…