DIV (BT) w/ Pulsum

DIV (BT) w/ Pulsum
Donnerstag | 15. März 2018 | 22:00 Uhr

Admission 6 €

Pulsum* (NAGUAL DRIFT/ Potatoheadz Records/ Montreal)
invited by Bogus Trumper (Radio 80000/ INRS/ München)

DIV as a division of Radio 80000.

The two hosts Bogus Trumper and DJ Pee Bee are rotating monthly, approaching the night in their own ways.
Representing the diverse platform of Radio 80000 by inviting local DJs as well as guests from different cities.

*Connor McComb aka Pulsum from Montreal is paying us a visit. Blending together House, Ambient, Electro, Post-Punk (…) on his releases and at this evening.